9 Passenger SUV

9 Passenger SUV: Essential for Big Families

9 Passenger Vehicles: When you have a large family, you definitely need a large vehicle and a 9 passenger SUV is the one you need. A 9 passenger SUV allows you to carry all your goods and stuff with great comfort and style. When you want to buy a car first you think about your budget, there are many 9 passenger SUVs available in the market but you should buy the one which suits your lifestyle and comfort needs.

Best 9 Passenger SUVs

Chevrolet is the company which is producing cars from a century. Chevrolet also has 9 passengers SUV in their product line which is known as Tahoe. GMC is not far away from Chevrolet when it comes to 9 passengers SUV. GMC offers two models in 9 passenger category which are named as Yukon XL1500 and Yukon XL 2500. Ford also offers 9 passengers SUV in the market with name of Excursion. The lowest price of a 9 passenger SUV is around $ 33000. After the purchase and all the insurances the price goes up to $ 50000.

Nine passenger SUV: GMC Yukon 9 passenger SUV vehicle with 9 seats
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If you want to buy a big car for your family, you must think about the comfort which the car offers. The car should be spacey enough so that passengers could easily get in and out of the car. Towing capacity of the car is also a major factor that affects the sale of the SUV.

Chevy Suburban: great Nine Passenger SUV

Chevy Suburban: great Nine Passenger SUV
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Chevy Suburban is the most loved SUV according to many 9 passenger SUV reviews. There are two higher priced models of the 2500 series named Chevy suburban and GMC Yukon. These both vehicles are available in rear wheel and four wheel drive. These both vehicles are very roomy and have a large storage capacity. These vehicles also have great safety features such as air-bags, side curtain airbags and stability control feature. According to 8 passenger SUV review, these are the safest 9 passenger SUVs in the world.

Nine passenger Vehicle: GMC Yukon 9 passenger SUV
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These both models have a V-8 engine which gives variable horsepower of 352 to 395. It has a great engine and great towing capacity. The smaller version of Yukon has same identical features and 5.3 L V-6 engines.

Apart from these SUVs, GMC Yukon and Chevrolet Tahoe are also loaded with hi-tech features. These both vehicles come in 2W and 4W drive. They have six-speed automatic transmission with a 5.3 L V-8 engine.  Yukon is better than Tahoe in terms of towing capacity and comfort.

Ford Excursion: popular 9 passenger SUV

Ford Excursion: popular 9 passenger SUV
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Ford Excursion is a popular brand in the 9 passenger SUV market. It is often compared with vehicles like suburban and Yukon XL. This Ford model has a large storage capacity and excellent towing capability.  It has a 5.4 L v-8 engines which generates a power of 255 horsepower. Ford Excursion is considered as one of the biggest vehicles in the world. It is very famous for its safety features such as anti lock brakes and front passenger air bags.

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